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Retirement is a new begining , and that means closing the book on one chapter in order to begin the next chapter of ones life.

Retirement Plan

One could close his eyes and imagine how life will look like after retirement, one could dream of enjoying great health, enjoying all one has laboured for after working for many years. You could imagine having the freedom of time to do all you ever wanted at the time you wanted them. You could also imagine having you gratuities paid and your pension manager paying you for life, you could imagine, traveling the world with loved once and living in that house free of mortgage and loans and living the rest of your life learning new things growing big in knowledge and experiencing the beauty the world can offer.

A Sad Truth About the State of Retirees’

But many today has come to realise that retirement is beyond the mere dreams and wishes. Retirement is a different way of life, with new challenges and opportunities. You need to adapt and adjust to this new lifestlye and that takes, time effort and creativity.

” The world has changed and so everything has change , social security for those who find themselves in the cooperate world is no longer secure “

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When we think of retirement we think of challenges that also comes with retirements.

Many are face with the challenges of when to start planning for their retirement

No time is too early to start preparing for your retirement, infact you should start planning for your retirement as soon as you graduate and earn your first degree. Many make the mistake of relying on gratuities, pension , saving and other benefit that comes with their job. But about 80%, of those plans fails even before people retires. Which threatens and questions their hope for the future. Never wait till retirement before you plan for it . Start planning as soon as you have access to financial resources that can help you set goals for your retirement.

The second challenges in retirement is Relationship

Many do not have a good home or the loss of a spouse can also negatively affect ones happiness after retirement. many have seen their job as an escape . When retirement sets in you are now face to face with reality. You either become lonely or you face the reality in your relationship , while you are waiting for your retirement you need to make sure you work on your relationship and if you loss a spouse you need to engage in businesses , activities and opportunities that connect you to more friends that shares same goals and dreams and ideas with you and spend more quality time with them.

Running out of money

One of the greatest disasters that happens to many after retirement is having their source of income cut off completely. Once you quit working you loose your income and this left many without plans in abject poverty wich makes them depends on family and charity.remember while you are still working you need to build extra source of income by investing, spending spare time doing side businesses

Social security will be reduced or cease to exist after retirement

Many enjoys what we call social security,

Which means, if you have a good job, you are entitled to allowances, official cars, official houses, drivers, HMO to take care of your health, drivers to drive you round etc. once your loss your job or you get to the age of retirement you loose all and you have to pay all bill by yourself which many find uneasy.

Worries about health care

Our health is the most important of them all . If you dont have an excellent health everything you have is nothing. While working many already develop stressed induced and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, bad vision etc.

What plan do you have in place to take care of your health.
You need to look into how you can maintain your health and live a healthy life while you are still working.

According to a research studies , its shows that out of 100 people at retirement about

  1. 49% will be dependent on family and charity
  2. 29% will be dead
  3. 5% will still be working
  4. 4% will financially independent
  5. 1% Will be rich

The question is who will you like to be?

At the freedom project We found something exciting that will take care of your future

On the positive side, your retirement can be an opportunity to enjoy life in a new way ,the right to stop that work and do the 1,001 things you ve always wanted to do but never had time for ,and a chance to give yourself over to new challenges and adventure

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You are just one click away to your dream retirement plan that guarantees the future.

Are you ready to take charge of your future and be among the 1% who retire into great health, excellent relationships and  great finacial back ups?

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