The Freedom Experience: What Freedom Means to us and How You Can Take Part In It

What you are about to read will hurt your head, feelings or emotions. Don’t go any further if you don’t want your ego to be bruised. If you love mediocrity, comfort and security, this is NOT for you.

Walk away now.

This is not your conventional welcome page of a website. This was deliberately written to bruise your ego and shake your senses back to reality.
If you are okay with being a mindless component in the vast bullshit machine that is keeping people from experiencing true freedom, please don’t go any further.
You can continue running endlessly on the treadmill of financial, health and time servitude, wishing of the life you could have had. Guess what?

You will be just fine.
But if you prefer to stand out and be free to truly live the life of your dreams with no-holds barred, we can show you how.

It’s not that hard.

In fact, it’s mostly a matter of defining what freedom means.

then we urge you to set everything else aside and study every word on this page as though your life depends on it.

Because the truth is…

Whether you will end this year the same way you started it or on your way to becoming truly financially free…does.

In the next few minutes, we’re  going to unpack to you what we at Freedom Project Tribe believe to be FREEDOM and how it can help you on your own journey to experiencing it.

The Three Branches of Freedom

Let’s start by asking a question: What does freedom mean to you?

While you’re thinking about that, let us tell you what freedom means to us at Freedom Project Tribe.

Here at Freedom Project Tribe, freedom to us is the ability to be ourselves in our truest form. It’s being able to make our own choices and control the agency over our own life. To own and control our income sources, spend quality time with our family and friends, travel the world and experience new cities, and be perfectly fit and healthy.

This is why the Freedom Project Tribe Academy was created, to help you achieve your own freedom (whatever it means to you) by showing you a series of steps and activities which will bring about the result you seek while working with a group of people who are mission-driven. And this year, “We are on a mission to help 10,000 families rise and live above the poverty level by the end of 2020.”

At Freedom Project Tribe, we believe to be truly free, you must have the following in proportionate amount:
  • Time freedom
  • Health freedom
  • Financial freedom

Time Freedom

If you want to escape the time-for-money trap, find wealth and freedom fast, you’ve got to dump the job mentality.

Let us repeat that. Dump the damn job mentality!

Jobs suck.

We mean that generically, not targeted toward a specific job. Whether you’re an electrician or a store manager, you hold a job.

Jobs suck because they’re rooted in limited leverage and limited control. Sure, you can have great job (and a fun one too!) but in the scope of experiencing true wealth and freedom, they limit both leverage and control—two things desperately needed if you want wealth. Here are five “sucky” reasons your financial plan shouldn’t revolve around a job.

Suckage #1: To Trade Time Is to Trade Life

Who taught us that trading time in exchange for money was a great idea? Why does this normalcy consistently translate into unrivalled suckage? If you’re shackled to a job, you’re engaged to a glorified exchange of your time (your life) for pieces of paper that grant you freedom. You sell your freedom to get freedom.

Pretty stupid, huh?

Well, we warned you not read further if you didn’t want your feelings hurt. It’s not too late, you can quit reading now.

But if you don’t, then let’s continue.

Jobs suck because they ravenously consume TIME. At a job, TIME TRADE is central to how you make money. A job is the basis for that horrific 9-to-5 exchange. But let us translate that word, TIME, differently:LIFE.

In a job, you sell your life for money. If you work, you get paid. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Who officiated this bloodsucking marriage?

Wouldn’t it make sense to get paid regardless of what you’re doing? Get paid while you sleep, while you have fun, while you poop, while you sit on the beach? Why not get paid with the simple passage of time and make time work for you instead of against you? Does that exist? It does, but it doesn’t come from a job.

Suckage #2: Limitation on Experience

The problem with a specialized skill set is it narrows your useful value to a confined set of marketplace needs. You become one of many cogs in a wheel and if that cog becomes obsolete or expendable? Guess what, you’re out of luck.

For example, thousands of bank workers have been displaced because their jobs have been outsourced or replaced by automated teller machines (ATMs). Experience doesn’t help them, it hinders them. Remember typewriters? How is the typewriter repairman doing these days? How about stockbrokers? Travel agents? Dying breeds of jobs move out of favour like fashion fads. One year your skill set has value, the next, it doesn’t

Second, job experience is usually regimented into a core group of activities that is routinely repeated over and over again, day after day. After the initial learning experience, the job becomes regimented and accumulation of new knowledge creeps to a crawl. A job limits learning and mutates into life’s death knell: a trade of life force for money. Experience comes from what you do in life, not from what you do in a job. You don’t need a job to get experience.

Ask yourself this:

Which experience is more important? The experience of a menial job designed to pay your bills? Or the experience (and failures) of creating something that could provide you financial freedom for a lifetime without ever having to hold a job again?

Suckage #3: No Control

A job is like sitting in the bed of a pickup truck. You’re exposed to the harsh elements while the driver of the truck sits comfortably in the driver’s seat. And if the ride gets rough? You get jacked around or worse, tossed overboard. There is no control sitting in the back of a pickup truck, and to have this “strategy” at the heart of your financial plan is asinine. If you don’t control your income, you don’t control your financial plan. If you don’t control your financial plan, you don’t control your freedom.

Millions obediently sing the employee Kumbaya, believing that a job is central to supporting themselves. Sure, a job can support you, but is your goal only “support”? Do you want wealth or mediocrity? If the momentum of your financial road trip can be road blocked by a pink slip, you’re gambling. You aren’t being real; you’re being foolish. There is neither safety nor security in a job.

Suckage #4: Trapped in an Endless Spin of Office Politics

No matter where you work, office politics play a part. The stage is different but the actors are the same. Same stories, different office. And, unfortunately, as an employee immersed in the work environment, you have to play the game. You have to be obedient or face retribution from co-workers or your boss.

Everything has a process. Got an idea? Great, send it to the boss, the boss sends it to his boss, who then hands it off to legal, who then sends it back to her boss’s boss for revisions, who sends it back, blah blah blah! By the time the “idea” gets anywhere it’s either stale or four other people have staked a claim to it. Who needs this entangled web destroying your sanity? The only defence to office politics is to control the playing field, and to do that, you have to be the boss. And to be the boss, you not only need to run the show, you need to own it. There is neither safety nor security in a job.

Suckage #5: A Subscription to “Pay Yourself Last”

The problem is that it’s near impossible in a job. Local, state, and federal governments heavily tax earned income and your options to shield that income from taxation is limited to contributions to your pension schemes. If you diligently trade your life and ascend into corporate management, expect 50% of your money to disappear before it touches your hands. As an employee, you immediately receive a subscription to “pay yourself last,” and yes, that subscription arrives even if you don’t subscribe. If you are paying yourself last and everyone gets your money first, don’t expect to build wealth fast.

In summary…

A job seals your fate into a criminal time trade: five days of life traded for two days of freedom. A job chains you to a set grade of experience. A job takes away your control. A job forces you to work with people you can’t stand. A job forces you to get paid last. A job imposes a dictatorship on your income. These limitations are counter-insurgencies to wealth. We are offer an alternative. Are you ready to see it?

Wait, before we show you, let’s consider the other two parts to freedom

Health Freedom

Second in our definition of freedom is health freedom. Health freedom is fitness: health, vibrancy, passion, and boundless energy. If you don’t have health, you lack wealth. Ask any terminally ill person what they value. Ask any cancer survivor how they suddenly feel reborn and happiness is displaced from “stuff” to people and experiences. There is no price on health and vibrancy.
What is holding you from burning that belly fat, losing weight and being fit? Laziness.

Laziness to get up early in the morning to work out. Laziness to follow through with your workout routine. Laziness stemming from over work and fatigue commuting everyday to work five days a week, laziness from staying trapped in your shop from Monday to Saturday and sometimes Sunday with no break.
The result? You become overweight, develop all kinds of preventable diseases and in some cases, death looms.

We cannot begin to talk about financial freedom if you’re sick, unfit and unhealthy. This is why the first thing we give you when you sign up for our program is a health kit to take care of you and your family for life.

Our health packages are designed to serve as alternative medicine that are proactive in taking care of your body, keeps you fit, young, vibrant and alert. Ultimately, it is designed to boost your immune system, reduce the cost of healthcare and keeps the doctor away.

Financial Freedom

What is the difference between Dangote and you who is stuck in morning traffic driving to work?

  • He has freedom.
  • He wakes up and does what he wants.
  • He pursues his dreams.
  • He writes books without worrying about how many will sell (none that we know of yet though).

Freedom is fantastic.

If you think having too much money is evil, then consider the following things money can buy.

  • Money buys the freedom to watch your kids grow up (who doesn’t want to).
  • Money buys the freedom to pursue your craziest dreams.
  • Money buys the freedom to make a difference in the world.
  • Money buys the freedom to build and strengthen relationships.
  • Money buys the freedom to do what you love, with financial validation removed from the equation.
  • Money buys the freedom to travel the world whenever you want, however you want.

But if you exist in a state of one-something-from-broke:

  • One month from broke.
  • One business deal from broke. One gig from broke.
  • One layoff from broke.
  • One salary from broke.
  • One health emergency from broke…

Then that’s a sign signalling impending doom.

If you live this way, you are driving at the financial redline on a narrow road bordering a cliff.
If you want to be unshakable on your financial road trip, you have to get tough and strap on a bulletproof vest and have a plan that transcends years, not days.

When you rev your financial engine at the redline you’re guaranteed to burnout. And then, ironically, your pleasant todays turn into horrible tomorrows: more work, more debt, and more stress.

We don’t know your age, but let’s be honest and ask the uncomfortable question: Can you seriously expect to retire on 1, 000,000 naira in net worth? Or 113,000,000 naira?

Have you thought beyond next week’s salary? At what threshold do you realize that it’s time to shift gears and re-evaluate? Is there a threshold? Why would something that you’ve been doing for 5, 10, 20 years suddenly start working? Yes, insanity is doing the same things repeatedly and expecting different results.

If you don’t want to work on that desk until you’re 75 years old (nobody will employ for that long anyway) or you don’t want to retire under a bridge in a cardboard box, you have to have a plan. Should life grant you another 50 years, what the heck is your plan?

We have a plan you can plug into that can take care of you and your family for life with a onetime, lifetime financial commitment.

We have helped thousands of ordinary people from different works of life achieve this at an insanely short period of time.

Hear what some of them have to say

It’s always good for someone to be opened to a new opportunity most especially one that can provide a stable income and that can equally guarantee long lasting Residual Income. After working with three different organizations for ten years, I realized none of them is better than the other because the work environment is not conducive, and the pay was nothing to write home about. In my quest to get myself out of that sorry state, I came in contact with Freedom Project Tribe initiative on the internet, and after attending one of its business seminars, I decided to jump on-board. One of the things that got me interested in the opportunity is the idea that it will enable me to be my own boss, work at my own pace and then be able to earn as much income as I desired. And it also made me realized that working for oneself is better and more rewarding than working for someone.
Partnering with Freedom Project Tribe has made me achieve some of my topmost dreams in life. Apart from having quality time with my family, I was also able to buy for myself the kind of car that I have always admired. And was also able to build for myself the kind of luxury house that I have always loved to have all in less than two years. Therefore I am recommending Freedom Project Tribe’s business initiative to everyone that wants more out of life.

Hi! My name is Udoh Victoria
I work with Peace Corps of Nigeria and also make shoes. 3 months ago,  I got connected to the Freedom Project Tribe Business through a dear friend and he told me about how powerful their mentorship and support system is,  and how I can raise more  money for my shoe making business. My challenge was how I was going to run the business because of the nature of my job and the shoe making. Well,  I attended their mentorship session and my eye popped open.
I got started part time and in just 3 months,  my earnings exceeded my salary. And Now…I am enjoying working with this amazing platform. I am so grateful and happy that I got started immediately. I have raised more money for my shoe business through the Freedom Project Salary for life plan.
Thank you FPT!
Much Love! Cheers!

Hi, my name is Elemuo Nnaemeka Emmanuel, I studied mechanical engineering at the the prestigious PETROLEUM TRAINING INSTITUTE EFFURUN WARRI DELTA STATE. Before I heard about this opportunity, I use to hustle shoes and clothes in my school hostel until it was time for my Industrial attachment. While preparing to leave for I.T, My Mentor Mr Bason Umoh invited me to his office and unfold the business initiative of the freedom project tribe. Coming from my mentor, I just knew there is definitely something different in this one. As a matter of fact I was really excited because this is exactly what I have been looking for all this while. But I had MONEY Problem…nevertheless, I went all out to look for the money and I raised my Startup capital within 5days and I got connected immediately. To me, this is the best decision I’ve ever made as regards my finances. Am super glad I subscribe to the Freedom Project Tribe Academy. I’ve learnt so much about leadership, personal development and money. Because of the freedom project tribe academy, I’m now making more money than I’ve ever made in my life even though I’m still a student. Now, I can boldly say I’m in Business. No more money problem. You can do better. God bless this amazing platform!Thank you Freedom Project Tribe for changing my life and my Mum’s life.

My Success Stories! Hi there! I’m Bason Umoh. 25 years old. I am a proud entrepreneur with the Freedom Project Tribe. Two years ago, I graduated with honours in (B.eng) chemical engineering, university of Uyo. After My NYSC in 2019, As a born tutor and a lover of education , I started an Education technology company called Phenom Edtech that leverages technology to improve people access to quality education. Being a TEF 2019 alumnus, I also pioneered an exclusive group called Phenom Nation with a sole objective to raise university students who are academically excellent and financially independent. November 2019, Phenom Nation successfully coached, celebrated and awarded over 50 students who recorded First class GPA in their result and influenced over 1000 university students. Great feat! But We had a problem! And that was how do we get these students to be financially independent. In addition, I needed Money for my company. We couldn’t even afford a standard office space. We were in debt. And just like God sending Rainbow in our sky, We meet with the CEO and Founder of the Freedom Project Tribe Amb.Micheal Adeyemi in a Blow business festival at E-library, Uyo , Akwa Ibom State and Boom! Everything has changed! I saw the system and the opportunity to position myself in the connected economy and I got started immediately. I even borrowed my start up capital which I paid back in 1month from my earnings from the system I have been shown… In just 3months of running with the system of the Freedom Project Tribe, my life have changed Personally, I find myself in the midst of like minded and dream driven individuals.I have earned in a reasonable amount in just 3months. I have been able to generate reasonable amount for a brand new office space where I now operate from, train and empower others. This happens because of the exceptional mentorship and remarkable support system of the freedom Project Tribe. I am so grateful for this goldmine. Now, I am sure of a betterand greater life. The Freedom Project Tribe is a total revolution. It has changed my life completely and I am doubtless that this can changed anybody’s life.
Because…If I can do it, anybody can do it! Thank you so much and God bless you.
God bless The Freedom Project Tribe Academy For exposing me to the connected economy.

These guys are not super heroes. They didn’t have any special abilities. They simply wanted more out of life and made the decision to do it.

To do what, you may ask.

They made the decision to strategically position themselves in the connected economy, the new oil money in the 21st century. You may then ask “What is the connected economy and how does it work?”

Watch the video below to give you a head start.

Are you ready for the details?

Click on the link below and let’s get started NOW

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